Dallas Lyn Miller

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Dallas Lyn Miller
is an Oregon born artist, self taught by pop culture, adaptability, and tenacity. “My art started when a childhood injury led to being kept in the house for the Summer. Once I started making art and realized what I could do, that became what I was interested in and wanted to do. It developed the voice I have now. It became the playground for my imagination. My interest in fashion and music flourished from wanting to recreate things I saw that inspired me.”

These same passions took Dallas to Portland and into a professional career as a makeup artist. “Later, most people were trying to survive a housing crisis. I left a successful job and nearly lost my life. From 2011 to now, my art has been part of what has kept me from running away and joining a circus.” He grins and concludes “Being an artist is the balance of nurturing the imagination and fantasy of the inner child while also being able to drive the manager of my talent.”

Dallas’ medium of choice is color pencil. He often cites appreciation for the challenge of color pencil. His goal is to create a dreamlike balance between surrealism and realism “for a modern take on portraits and pop art as if there were no cameras.” One description of Dallas’ art that is worthy of sharing comes from his sister-in-law, Reilly Miller. “I think your art provides an escape from the harshness of the world we live in today. It provides a world of color, light and hope. You also get to see a part of you, the artist, in each piece. Whether it be a problem you see in the world or something you feel that is still good in the world, there is always a message to be found if you look for it.”