Guy Burwell

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...started his artistic endeavors early, creating chronically since the age of 5. He started his commercial art career providing illustration for local newspapers, murals in nightclubs, and posters for underground rock clubs, fostering the early synthesis between music and art that is so prevalent in his recent artwork.

"I am a commercial artist, foremost, and bring a degree of popular class appeal to everything I do. Ultimately I want to produce what I want to produce, whatever the venue, outlet, medium. I work constantly, be it for pay or pleasure, day in and day out. All day every day. Home or away, I am always thinking about work. It's not manic, but it's manic. Or rather it's necessary. Or natural. Or everything." So he says. "I have a photograph of myself on my wall, age three or four or five, bent in concentration over a sheet of paper, pencil nub in hand, and it's been a constant reminder, and an ideal to live up to. I owe that kid that to do this forever was a plausible reality. Right? A dream come real over almost every other possibility in several ways."

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