Jacob Downes

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I am a native Oregonian and a queer man that grew up in a sheltered, Pentecostal home. I used escapism as a coping method, which separated me even further from the “secular” world that my parents tried to keep away from me. Sketches and cartoons were a part of my escapism. I later became interested in photography, which brought me to the art department of the community college I studied at. While I never got my degree from community college, I made several important discoveries. I discovered secular music and musicians who taught self love and love for other humans. I discovered the courage to be honest with who I am and embrace my sexuality and physicality, enough so that I began nude modeling for other artists. Lastly, I discovered figure drawing and the fine arts as an intimate form of expression that fit me better than photography did. My medium of choice are soft, dry pigments, such as charcoal and pastel. I enjoy the often messy means of blending them across the paper, and it works well for me that an eraser isn’t just a means of correcting mistakes but is a drawing tool all on its own.