JT Lucchesi

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Home Team is a feeling. It is a mindset. We have it,and we like to share it. It is knowing and being proud of who you are, and where you come from. It's what you represent. It is where you are now, and where you are going from here.

Home Team is as universal as love, music or art, transcending boundaries of language and vocal expression. Something Home Team is not is a f**k you, negative attitude while walking through this life. Home Team represents moving forward and being positive. Not to the side, not backward, not negative...you help yourself; move forward.

We are aware of speed bumps in this life, but at these times your mind, heart, spirit and soul continue to expand forward; representing Home Team. Ask yourself this question; If you don't have Home Team, what do you have? And remember in your answer, YOU are Home Team as WE are Home Team.

You may call it useless propaganda, you may take it to heart. If you doubt it, let it go without being a detractor. If you embrace it, take the ball and move forward for the Team, and be positive along the way. But no matter what... don't rip us off. Be a part of us as we are a part of you. Look for us as we look for you.

Make things happen. Live. Love. Get up. Get down. Be. Be music. Be art. Be positive. Be conscious. Be alert. Be aware. Be balanced. Be heard. Act. React. Construct. Know. Do. Think. Achieve. MoveForward. Maintain. Represent.

Know that wherever you are, wherever you go, whatever you do, you are representing Home Team. Maybe not under our or others ideas, but under the ideas of a Home Team somewhere.