Matt Dey – Blunt Graffix

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Matt Dey, a boundary pushing artist never content to sit still, officially founded Blunt Graffix in 2001 while serving his tenth and and final year in the United States Navy. Heavily influenced by his love of music Matt set out to work in the music industry by designing concert posters and over the course of 4 years designed more than 200 individual works of art. In 2005 he left concert posters behind to focus primarily on his own artistic creations. Wanting to fully own the production of his work, Matt learned to screen print and built all his own equipment. He spent the 10 years after concert posters hand pulling his own prints and perfecting his craft. Today Blunt Graffix uses a semi automated screen press as well as hand pulling individual prints when inspired to do so. Matt built an industrial sized centrifuge to create unique and psychedelic backdrops over holographic foils to further individualize his work and branch out.  Matt shows his work around the world in galleries,  conventions and exhibitions as well as curating group art shows with a network of galleries in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Seattle.