Matthew Hopkins

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There are very real, very scary monsters in the world, however you’ll be relieved to know that the kind of monsters I make are not necessarily real. I write ‘necessarily’ because they come from a real need to personify my own demons, but they don’t live and breathe on their own. They need a conduit to this world. In transforming these monsters from invisible neuroses to somewhat cute, somewhat disturbing creatures I can get them out of my head and bring them to life to help me combat my fears. The more I drag these monsters out from under the bed or pull them gnashing and clawing from behind the closet door, the better they can serve me and you in dealing with the stress of our own minds. Sometimes the scariest place to be is inside of our own heads. Let’s take a moment to get out of our heads and see these monsters for what they are, not the terrifying, demobilizing demons that we think, but the somewhat silly, little creatures that can’t hurt us unless we let them.

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