Join Sincanvas, and Poboy art Saturday  August 24, 2019  12 -6pm for an Art/Book Pop - Up like no other!. "Art of  the Undercurrent " A one day event curated by local artist Sincanvas. Every Subculture has a heartbeat an Undercurrent fueling it.. These 4 artists are just a portion of the creative voice that screams to be heard In Portland.. Radddlady80, Phonkadelic, Jetcet, and Eyedrawp will be gracing the wall of Poboy art 5444 se Foster with Art for sale as well as Merchandise.  Local Screenprinter Shirtlandia will be live screenprinting images from  these artists at the Event..EDM artist StrawberryPickle will be setting the tone from 12-3 PM ... Book readings Start at 5pm .

Set to read is Danger Slater author of "Puppet Skin" ," and  "He Digs A Whole" .. William Perk  ,"Killing Poppy",  and Jennifer Robin who recently recieved a marvelous review by the Willamette Weekly for her "Earthquakes in Candyland"..

What kind of artist am eye? Am eye an artist? Am eye a decent person?
What should eye draw today? Am eye okay? Eye think eye am okay. What
do eye do? Am eye doing this right? Where do eye fit it? Can eye make
it through this? Eye think eye am okay. What kind of artist am eye?
What should eye do? What should eye draw p.


Born in the Pacific Northwest, Phonkadelic is a multidisciplinary artist whose work you can often find in/around your local skatepark, under that sketchy bridge on the edge of town, or maybe even on the traincar that just passed by. Having been influenced by various forms of "underground culture", his work often includes subject matter of the same ilk; gleaning from hip-hop & punk cultures, which in-turn branches its way down to the worlds of graffiti & skateboarding.
Can YOU Pheel It?


Jetcet is a Graffiti/Street Artist from Portland, Or, raised in Dallas Texas. Jetcet focuses on low tech Street-Art as well as collaborating with artists around the World. He is an active member of the "The Chosen Few" . His work can be seen across the map anywhere from Austin,TX to Amsterdam..His recent exploits have been contributing to the River Creative Initiative ,and is currently curating for the Outer Space Gallery .

William Perk is a recovering heroin addict who grew up outside of Portland, OR. After catching scabies at Hooper Detox and being diagnosed Bipolar 1, he began to funnel his insanity into a satirical performance art project called Save Portland From Hell. William taught English in Thailand and currently resides in Portland. This is his first book.

Jennifer Robin is a gutted beast, mother-confessor, flame. With nerve endings taken to the MAX, she delivers each piece as atonal song. Her stories have been published in PLAZM Media, Five2One, Gobshite Quarterly, Clash Media, HorrorSleazeTrash, Ladybox Books, and King Shot Press. Her book of non-fiction vignettes, Death Confetti, was released by Feral House in 2016. Her 2019 Fungasm release, Earthquakes in Candyland, is about the rise and fall of America, featuring homeless oracles, failed Amtrak romance, and a burning planet.

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